Instacart is a company that operates as any same-day grocery delivery service. Clients select their grocery through an application from various retail stores, and the orders are delivered to their destination by a personal shopper.

What Does Instacart Do?

Instacart mainly delivers grocery to clients across the United States: it facilitates deliveries of groceries as well as other home essentials in many cities across the country. The company uses technology to boost its delivery services to clients in as little as one hour, making it the most promising and futuristic firm in the United States.

The company’s delivery services are primarily provided through a mobile application available on both Android and iOS platforms. Also, customers can use browsers to access the company’s services: customers can make their payments with Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Initially, the company’s shoppers simply went to the stores and purchased the items at retail and apart from the delivery charge, they added a markup of 10-20 percent. Currently, Instacart has established relationships with various grocery firms that share their existing markup, allowing company users to order at in-store prices.

What Is Instacart’s Pay Structure for Independent Contractors?

This company pays its full-service shoppers $10 per hour on average and $17 per hour for the in-store shoppers who do not drive to make grocery deliveries. The company’s payment structure, as well as the frequency of pay, seems to be ever-changing calculations, but it depends on various factors that add up each batch of payment.

Variables such as the number of items in every batch, how difficult every product is to shop for, the distance between the store and the destination, quality bonuses, batch incentives, customer tips, and peak boosts determine the amount of payment each shopper will receive. The company offers flexible hourly payments as well as weekly paychecks. When it comes to insurance and compensation, Instacart does not offer any coverage. The company requires its shoppers to have their own insurance coverage.

Perks and Benefits Instacart Offers Over the Competitors

Instacart offers various benefits such as flexible or reduced hours, flexible weekly paychecks, and easy training. The company also offers shopper bonuses like quality bonuses for every five-star review that shoppers receive and a peak boost, which is the bonus that drivers receive when they deliver their orders during the periods of high demand.

What Are the Requirements to Sign up for Instacart?

Signing up as an independent contractor or shopper at Instacart is a great way of making some money. Drivers will need to have an Instacart mobile application and meet the following requirements before signing in.

• A valid United States driver’s license as well as an auto insurance policy
• Applicants must pass a criminal background check
• Have a smartphone that is compatible with the Instacart application
• Be at least 18 years old
• Be in the position to lift at least 30 pounds
• Be eligible to work in the United States.

What Is the Common Consensus Among Other Independent Contractors Who Work for Instacart?

The common consensus among other independent contractors who work for this company is that workers have freedom from Instacart regarding their schedule. All shoppers and drivers can work unlimited hours, plus there is no mandatory minimum required.

For those looking for alternative ways of making money while driving, sign up for Instacart to achieve your financial goals.


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by Portia S. on Grocery Delivery Jobs
Not the best, but not the worst

I would say that since I became an Instacart Shopper, I have always been able to count on having a place to go to earn some pretty quick cash. They have expanded a lot since I first started back in 2017, especially since they offer instant cashout. That's probably the best feature. The pay is okay, some days are better than others when it comes to earnings and tips. One thing I have learned though, is that just because you're delivering groceries in a fancy neighborhood doesn't automatically mean your customer is a good tipper,