Should Gig Workers Have Residual Income Too?

The Lyft and Uber Boycotts are shining a massive light on the turbulent world known as the Gig Economy. 

It is clear that thousands of Gig Workers around the globe, from Rideshare drivers, to Delivery drivers to Grocery Shoppers are fed up with the unfair ecosystem that is the Startup culture.

The opportunity to earn income for completing tasks as simple as giving a ride or shopping for groceries has enabled many people to earn great supplemental income, and in many cases, full time income. The days of traditional work are fading right before our eyes. 

While there is an increase in opportunities to earn as an Independent Contractor with these startups, the instability of the industry, coupled with the greed of some has left many Gig Workers with a bad taste in their mouths. They are tired of working more and earning less…with good reason.

We believe that there is a lot of good that will come out of the gig industry. With any disruption, there is going to be growing pains, right? So we have to ask, what could Gig Workers do to become more empowered as they ride this startup rollercoaster?

The answer is simple, establish different vehicles of income, ideally passive and/or residual income. 

The convenience of logging into your app and taking orders or giving rides is a proven concept, that can be a little unpredictable. What if more Gig Workers established additional income streams that not only paid money on a residual basis, but could provide consistent and predictable income that enabled Gig Workers to be less dependent and vulnerable to the fluctuations of the apps they work for?

We’re excited to share an opportunity with our audience to take advantage of something that enables just this!

The spirit of the Gigpreneur coupled with the charisma of a service based worker could potentially make YOU the perfect candidate for this opportunity. 

If you are a Gig Worker, and establishing security through passive and/or residual income is at the top of your mind, learn more about what we have to offer by clicking below.

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