Get Paid Daily With Intacart

Now You Can Get Paid Daily with Instacart


Startup companies are truly disrupting their respective industries by embracing the need for instant gratification as a holistic approach. Companies such as Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash are successful because they help consumers get instant access to rides, groceries, and hot food. 

While there are dozens of up and coming companies who also provide these quintessential services, these few stand out as they also take care of their partners by enabling them to get paid as soon as they complete an order delivery or drive. This win-win scenario brings service partners peace of mind, as they too are able to receive instant gratification for their work efforts! 

Joining in on the new wave of doing business is grocery delivery giant, Instacart. Although they are only currently testing this feature with a few Shopper partners, Instacart is making it possible for Shoppers to instantly cash out anytime after completing an order, and this is definitely a game changer!

For the Shoppers able to participate in this preview, all they need to do is link a valid debit card (prepaid cards are not accepted at this time) to their Instacart Shopper app, and for a small $.50 fee, Shoppers can cash out anytime they have a balance of $5 or more. 

Getting paid weekly is already great, compared to the many traditional jobs that pay bi-weekly or semi-monthly or sometimes longer. Now, the ability to get paid daily, even multiple times a day can really make a huge impact in the way Shoppers are able to function. 

Any Gig Worker may already be familiar with the day to day expenses required just to carry out their partner tasks. Vehicles require fuel, partners need to eat, and of course, regular bills need to be paid. Being able to work a few orders and cash out immediately will bring peace of mind to so many partners making both part time and full time livings in this Gig Economy. 

There are a few limitations to Instant Cashout with Instacart. Shoppers must have a balance of at least $5 to cashout. Tips are not eligible for Instant Cashout due to customers being able to make modifications up to 3 days after a delivery. There is a maximum of $3,000 per transaction for Instant Cashouts, and Shoppers can cash out up to 5 times per day. Additional terms can be read in the Shopper help section located in the Shopper app.

We look forward to Instacart rolling out the Instant Cashout feature nationwide in early 2019. New Shoppers can take advantage of the Instant Cashout feature where available, as long as you have completed at least 5 batches. If you are interested in getting paid daily or weekly as a Shopper with Instacart, click below to learn more and get started!


Many Shoppers earn over $1,000 per week delivering groceries and other items. Subscribe for tips on how you can too!

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