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Maximize Your Earnings as a Grocery Delivery Partner

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Once you’ve been approved, here are some simple tips to help you maximize your earnings. 

Create a plan. Do you know what you want? What about what you need? Calculate exactly how much time you have to spend and how much money you need to earn to make sense of this new venture. When you have clarity, you get results.

 Get on the schedule. Don’t waste time. Get on the schedule as quickly as possible so that you can begin to receive orders. 

Pick up last minute orders. Determine exactly how many last minute orders you can take on to maximize your earnings.

Work efficiently. Sometimes one order may pay less than your desired amount, but you may find that there are multiple orders for the same location and with proper planning, you can work two orders at once and earn the same, if not more. 

Just be sure to monitor your time and only take on multiple orders if your company allows and only if they are similar enough in size to be completed and delivered on time. 

Offer excellent customer service. 

Happy customers typically translate into repeat customers. Also, they tend to leave tips. Remember this when you’re considering your time and quality of your work. 


Now that you have learned a few tips on how to maximize your earnings, get out there and start earning! Click here to search for jobs in your area.


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