Earn up to $35 Per Hour Delivering Groceries


If flexible schedules, daily payouts, tips, and no micro-management sound like the perfect mix for your next gig, keep reading! Algorithms, generous startup capital, and consumer’s undying desire for convenience have created what seems like unlimited opportunities for independent contractors to make a few extra bucks or a full time income. When you choose to work as a Personal Shopper and/or Delivery Partner, you open yourself up to new fun and exciting opportunities and oh yeah, some serious cash!

With few extensive barriers to entry, getting started as a Shopper and Delivery Partner for  DoordashShiptInstacartUberLyft and Favor is simple and the benefits are remarkable.

Key Benefits

1. Work when you want:

One of the most common benefits reported from current shoppers and delivery partners is the ability to work when you want. Typically, shoppers can log in to their partner application on their device, and begin working immediately. In many cases, shoppers have the option to schedule themselves several days or hours in advance to help create a more manageable and predictable schedule. This also helps shoppers work with multiple partners on the same day or during the same week.

Additionally, schedule flexiblity makes it easier to cancel hours or reschedule as needed, according to the partner’s policies. So, if there is a last minute emergency or if you have other obligations to tend to, you can usually log right into your app and cancel or reschedule yourself. It is always important to pay attention to your partner’s cancellation and rescheduling policy, as you don’t want to risk the consequences of being unreliable, such as inability to choose hours, or deactivation.

2. Partner with multiple companies

Reaching your financial goals is a lot easier since shoppers can partner with multiple companies at once. While you may need some serious time management skills and a positive and forward-thinking attitude to manage it all, it can be done…and it can be lucrative! Since shoppers are considered Independent Contractors, there typically aren’t any rules that limit shoppers from working with competing or complimentary partners.

The caveat to this, however, is maintaining professionalism at all times and only working with one carrier at a time, to ensure you are not mixing orders or falling behind schedule. Several shoppers have reported that switching between partners throughout the day or the week helps to ensure they reach their financial goals during slow periods or when hours are scarce on other apps.

3. Earn great part time or full time income

It goes without saying that there can be great money earned as a personal shopper and delivery partner, as long as you manage it well. Some of the most successful shoppers:

  • Establish goals.
  • Fully understand the payment structure of all of your partners.
  • Create a solid plan that makes sense for your goals.

By doing this, you maintain control and position yourself to earn more.

If you want to work part time, be clear about how many part time hours you want to make and establish goals that match your input/output effort. Decide on one or a few delivery partners to work with to help you get there, and get to work! The same goes with working full time. It is possible to work full-time as a shopper and delivery partner. However, with the growing amount of competition, it is likely in your best interest to diversify your time with multiple partners.

Of course, it is possible to earn a full time income with only one partner, so if you find one that you love and that works for you, by all means, stick to it!

Shopper’s compensation plans, while variable based on the partner company, typically consist of a blend of base pay, tips, incentives, and referral bonuses. Earnings will vary, but it is completely possible to earn up to $35/hr working as a shopper and delivery partner.  Even working with one or two can add up to some solid dough!


4. Take advantage of awesome incentives and perks

We mentioned cash incentives offered by some partners during peak times, holidays, and driver shortages, but many companies are going out of their way to encourage happy and loyal shoppers by offering other great perks that in many ways, reflect what one might see at a regular J.O.B!



Access to great rates with auto insurance along with affordable health insurance help full time and part time shoppers better manage their money and their health. Additionally, rental cars, Independent Contractor friendly bank accounts, and Investment Accounts help  shoppers better manage their money, reach their financial goals, and bring peace of mind!

Some partners offer periodic incentives for filling in when order volume exceeds the number of shoppers available. Partners are also known to offer awesome bonuses in response to shopper feedback, in the form of giftcards, credits, or discounts!

5. Seamlessly transition to a different job or your own business.

Anyone can choose to become a shopper and work as an independent contractor. If you are just looking to make some quick cash, or if you are looking for something sustainable for a while, this is a great option. Many shoppers choose this path as they continue the process of seeking full time employment, or starting their own business. Schedule flexibility enables shoppers to apply to new jobs, interview and keep the money flowing in. Shopping can be a great source of income to fill in the gap between jobs and many entrepreneurial shoppers use their income fund their businesses.

No matter your reason for becoming a personal shopper, establishing clear goals and sticking to a plan can help you along your journey.

*Bonus No. 6*

Personal Shoppers can shop at your favorite stores when you sign up to deliver with Walmart, Target, Costco, Kroger and more! Several partners are already delivery fulfillment providers, so when you sign up for services like Doordash and Shipt, you can expect to handle some orders from these stores where available.

We mentioned that the barriers to entry are few, however, there are certain requirements that must be met so that the integrity, customer service, and overall experience of both the customers and shoppers can be maintained. Each company has its own specific requirements, but to assist with the decision process, we thought we’d lay out a few of the general requirements for you. Continue Reading




Many Shoppers earn over $1,000 per week delivering groceries and other items. Subscribe for tips on how you can too!

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